Elixir Restaurant @ The Opus Hotel


The Elixir Restaurant
, B.C.

Client's need:
To create an authentic French brasserie serving breakfast, lunch and dinner that becomes a hip club by night.

Design challenge:
The design team was challenged to create 4 distinct rooms within a 2,000 square foot space - a bar, a brasserie, a garden room with direct outdoor access and a 'belle epoque' formal dining room.

Design Solution:

  • the architecture of the building was used to subdivide the space into distinct areas

  • the space directly adjacent to the street corner is the outdoor 'garden room' with fully opening folding windows on two sides and by use of outdoor materials.

  • the adjacent space is the more private formal dining area with a coved ceiling, more formal finishes and belle epoque light fixtures

  • a more casual brasserie space uses mosaic tiles on the floor, brass rails, French posters, and traditional bentwood furniture

  • the horseshoe shaped bar area is raised above the rest of the restaurant to act as a 'viewing gallery' and is highlighted with a custom stained glass ceiling.


Trilogy Properties

Design Team:
Mitchell Freeldand Design
DH Designs

General Contractor:
Catalyst Contracting

Wanes Custom Woodworks

Custom Art Glass:
Kits Glass

Entrance & Bar

Private Dining Room

Main Room (Garden Room Beyond)